The Purpose of Womanhood


Purpose driven woman, you’ve got a lot to do with your destiny! To become a woman of a lifetime, you’ve got to get up and live. If you can have many weeks that are wonderful, you really can have your best year yet and become a woman of a lifetime. It has to be progressive. Greatness equals a lot of little things done well and so the habits you form will make or break you in the end.

No one becomes who they are overnight. Only a small percentage of people live their dreams but I am convinced that once you decide to change based on powerhouse Kingdom principles, you can start creating the life you want to live. The truth is that principles rule the world so learn as many as you can, be a boss, and make them work for you.

It is my intention is to cause a shift in the way that you see life and your engagement with it. The word shift means a slight change in position, direction or tendency and once you are able to catch the true meaning and intention of you being who you are and where you are, right now, the more impactful your life will become. So how do you stay on top of your world? Why do some people attract success while others do not? What are the keys to living a life that causes you to rise to the top regardless of what may not go as planned? I asked myself these questions and here is what I have discovered.

First things first, you must believe that you belong at the top. But being at the top is not an imaginary, illusionary position but it simply means you are not mastered by anything. Someone who has tasted success in a very healthy, “non-dog eat dog” method knows that being at the top of one’s game has really nothing to do with anyone else and everything to do with realizing and reaching the pinnacle of your potential.

Being at the top is being a person who is able to take life and the cards that were dealt and create a beautiful tapestry in light of and in spite of it all. There is a danger that many are tempted to pursue and that is to look good but not be good. The top requires a high level of purity so that the journey isn’t weighed down with baggage of the past. The purer you are in your intentions the more elevation you will experience.
The more time you spend in purposeless pursuits and childish behaviors; the more detours you’ll encounter. To break through to new limits, you must be willing to lay down people, things and behaviors that cause you limited access to the best—the best peace, the best joy, the best life.

I am convinced that only a few will really taste and see the best that life has to offer because many have been blinded to think that money, fame and fortune equal good success. But there is nothing wealthier than a person who has tapped into their purpose, loves beyond bounds, learned the lessons necessary for next steps and dances with destiny. Their life will always be on top.

A woman at the top:

Looks for opportunities to give a hand up, instead of looking for hand outs

Provides answers instead of creating problems

Makes things better and not worse

Sees through pure lenses and despises impure motives

Isn’t afraid to extend their hands forward to learn from the jewels with silver hair and extend them backwards to pull the potential filled younger ones upward

Is unapologetic about the favor that is attracted to her

Is willing to give her life and most prized possessions to things and causes that matter

Knows that when hard lessons come knocking, she has a choice in her response

Is “running” things and using every natural gift given for her good and for the good of those around her

Determines what stays or goes and is intentional about prioritizing

Recognizes other people at the top and celebrates them

And most importantly, is completely submitted to God

This is the life. Whatever work you put in throughout this journey will determine the results you receive. The reason I am the woman I am is because I fought hard to become her and I don’t plan on stopping (and neither should you). It’s time for you to “live the life”—turn heads with your lifestyle and always leave them wondering who you are!

-Brook Marie Eneas
Facebook and Instagram: @BrookMarieEneas

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Brook inspires women and girls to get clarity on their purpose using clear, simple life principles. She has an uncommon gift to teach women and girls to live their dreams through her passion as an author, fitness coach and speaker. For more than a decade, Brook’s contagious optimism and profound knowledge have helped people take back their sense of natural dominion and achieve their dreams. Combined, her 5 books have been sold around the nation and on international platforms. She has coached hundreds of high visibility clients to the best mental and physical shape of their lives. Brook serves alongside her husband, Raymond, who is the Lead Pastor at Church of Compassion in Winter Springs, Florida. They homeschool their incredible sons, Chancellor Princeton and Jaiden Christopher.