The Power of Prayer


God wants us to be infused with prayer. He wants us to become prayer vessels for Him. Why? Prayer is our lifeline. A lifeline is a thing on which someone depends or which provides a means of escape from a critical situation. We must understand that there is safety, deliverance, power, strength, peace and an enormous benefit and blessing when we pray.

The value of prayer reveals that there is enough power to heal, give peace, deliver, comfort, and set a person free. You don’t need fancy or formalized words to pray. Rather, a pure heart, a reverential approach, and a positive attitude are the keys to unlocking the door of God’s heart. God enjoys communicating with His children.

To appoint is to select to fill an office or position. It also means to furnish or equip. God has selected and equipped you and me to reach souls with the gospel of salvation. Additionally, He has appointed you to receive an anointing from Him when you pray.

Keep in mind that your walk in your deliverance is not a secret; it’s a system of God. You can master this system by praying to Him daily asking for guidance. God is the architect, and His Word is the blueprint. Your life will be built on a sure foundation as you put God first in all you do. Walk in His power of deliverance.

My Prayer for You

Dear heavenly Father, thank You for being the King of kings, Lord of lords and the caretaker of this soul. Thank You for those reading this prayer right now. Teach them the art of prayer. Bless them to become prayer vessels for You. Pour Your wisdom, power, anointing, love, understanding, and resilience into their hearts as they begin their journeys in prayer. Lord, allow each and every person who moves forward in developing their prayer life with You to be enriched, empowered, enlightened, blessed, and successful beyond what they could even imagine. I declare and decree these things to occur in their lives. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen!

I often say to use the 3-P’s approach to anything you come across in this life – PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. I remind myself of the importance of prayer using the initials in my name PNT – Pray Now Think Later.

Phyllis Thomas is a licensed missionary and the First Lady of the Showers of Blessings Church located in Sacramento, CA.

“Be BAD – Blessed Anointed and Delivered through Prayer.”