Say Enough


By Garth Coonce

For years now, we’ve been watching our society break down. American values are being chipped away at an alarming rate – you can’t deny it!

Abortion. Divorce. Racism. Fatherless children. Crime. Persecution. Open praise for movements contrary to biblical values on which our nation was founded… all of these abound.

If we as a people do not step up and say “Enough,” within 25 years, our grand and great-grand children will think Sodom and Gomorrah is a model home.

Our nation’s pulse on morality and godliness is fading, but we refuse to go silently into the night! We have determined that TCT Ministries will burn brightly for Jesus, shedding light into the darkness and calling the lost to repentance at the foot of the cross!

While others may shrink against the backdrop of “doom and gloom,” Tina and I have committed to advancing forward.

We’ve added new stations in both Nashville and Atlanta, reaching another 4+ million American households with the gospel message. We have created exclusive programming such as TCT Today, Faith in History, Celebrate LIVE, Ancient Jewish Wisdom, Down Home, Dorinda,and other programs that will encourage and inspire viewers in their Christian faith. And TCT is reaching more than more than 1 billion people across the planet, sharing with them our Just for Today devotional, key scriptures, and upcoming movies or special programming on our website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn pages.

We’re doing all we can to draw America back to its godly heritage. With your help, we could do even more.

Soon we’ll be holding Partnership Week (September 13-18) LIVE from Cleveland-WRLM. It will be a week-long celebration of faith, fun and fellowship. We’ll have our usual all-star lineup of national guest speakers (LaVerne Tripp, Dan Willis, Steve Munsey, Mike Smalley, Dorinda Clark-Cole, and more!) and content you won’t want to miss! We’re excited, as this collaborative week is our time set aside to plan for the future and raise the funds that you and TCT use to broadcast the gospel.

We encourage you to tune in and help us further our impact in touching America! Become a partner in Christ with us today!

As you can imagine, it takes considerable resources to make quality programming available to millions of American households. Our staff of experts is constantly working to keep up with government regulations and update our equipment as needed to continue to broadcast in the best quality we can.

God has always been faithful to not only provide for our needs, but through people like you, to exceed the need, allowing us greater room to grow and give excellence to our viewing audience. I expect nothing less with this Partnership Week!

Through your special gift during this time of partnership, we will join together in reminding America who her Source is. We will rally our brothers and sisters to pray for our land, to take a stand for righteousness and believe for change with us. We will call out to the lost and show them a better way. And we will win souls for God’s glory!

Tune in September 13-18, 2015 for Partnership Week LIVE from Cleveland-WRLM! Special guests include: James Payme, Len & Cathy Mink, Dr. Coy Barker, Mike Brown, George Bloomer, David Longobardo, RIchard Roberts, Tim Hill, Cathy & Eddie Williams, Dr. Mike Smalley, Dorinda Clark-Cole, LaVerne Tripp, Steve Munsey and more!By Garth Coonce