A Leadership Key to New Levels of Ministry


By L.D. Roessler

David the Psalmist said, “O LORD, quicken me according to thy judgment.” Throughout the Psalms he mentions God’s judgment numerous times. David sought the judgment of God. He embraced the judgment of God. He longed for the judgment of God. How often have you longed for or sought the judgment of God?

Judgment is a formal decree, whether written or verbal, that establishes a verdict, a rule of law, or governance which is in favor of or unfavorable toward someone or something. Too often when people think of the judgment of God, their minds tend to lean toward the idea of chastisement, correction, or the wrath of God. With David, it was much more than that. Could it be we have overlooked a powerful truth that David embraced?

Could it be he was more passionate about what judgment contained, rather than merely what judgment could do? Could it be this nugget of truth is not only what fueled his passion, but governed his motives and pursuits in life? David, unlike most of us, was not afraid of God’s judgment, but embraced it, and longed for it. He understood this is how his kingdom would work!

What David received from God’s judgment was perspicacity. It means keenness of mental perception. Perspicacity, as it relates to the Scriptures, is the one thing all the great Biblical characters had in common.

Without perspicacity you will not become all God has destined you to be. You will not reap the full benefit of glory to glory living. You will not rise to new levels of intimacy with God. You will fail to have courage, bravery, tenaciousness, and the resolve it takes to accomplish the assignment God has given you. Perspicacity will empower you to have the confidence you need to fulfill your purpose. Perspicacity will nurture your patience to keep you from moving impulsively, while enduring what seemingly is an extended season of delay.

When perspicacity waned in Moses, he became fearful and desperate. When it waned in Elijah, he became suicidal and was filled with a sense of futility. Like so many, Elijah lost his will to live and his place of ministry meant nothing to him. Therefore, he left it with no plans of returning, and wanted God to take his life. In Joshua chapter one, Joshua was having a mental and emotional meltdown. He was in the process of disconnecting himself from his call and purpose. This is exactly the kind of mentality Satan desires you have. He desires you to be fearful and desperate. He desires you to be filled with futility and lose the will to live. He desires you to have mental and emotional meltdowns only to use them against you; to keep you from connecting with your faith. Don’t buy into it. The fact that what you may be experiencing is so intense should remind you of something. You are not only a perceived threat in Satan’s mind, but you are closer to seeing God do what He promised than you think.

In each of these men’s lives, God asked them a question. Why? Anytime God asks us a question, it is because we are not seeing something the way He is seeing it. Consequently, we are not thinking at the level He desires us to be thinking at. God questioned them because He was going to infuse them with divine perspicacity.

Therefore, perspicacity in a Scriptural sense, is an activated divine intelligence that manifests in your life. It will give you an ability to shrewdly evaluate circumstances or situations to gain sound judgment. Perspicacity is a penetrating discernment, and therefore is not filled with ambiguities or conjecture. Rather, it gives you clear, deep insight and understanding concerning your identity, position, and assignment in God. Perspicacity is the highest quality of cognizance God desires to infuse in you through the “Word of the Lord.” Perspicacity is the key to rising to the level of divine expectation.