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666 – The Unholy Number

When I learned that the ancient city of Babylon was being restored in Iraq, I began to have second thoughts. Could it be Rome? Could it be Babylon? What about Jerusalem? Putting their names to the test, I drew a dud. Rome’s gematria is 306. Babylon’s gemetria is 426. Jerusalem’s gematria is 624. I then considered Moscow, London, Paris, Rome, Brussels, Washington D.C., even Pieking and Tokyo. But none of these giant metropolitan cities fit the gematria, until…


Written by: J.R. Church

Cashless Society Rapidly Approaches

We all love our computers. It’s one of the most fascinating instruments ever conceived by the ingenuity of man. They help us find the answers to problems that once took days or even weeks of working mathematical formulas. But, our wonderful computers are helping us issue in the new CASHLESS SOCIETY, needed in a One World Government.

Where does the Bible speak of this “cashless society” and this “Mark of the Beast” that will be used on every man, woman and child who will be “Left Behind” to experience that horrible tribulation after the return of Jesus Christ for his Bride and the uprising of the Antichrist.

Revelation 13:16-18 (KJV) reads:

  1. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
  2. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
  3. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Greek Word for Computer

The word “count” in verse 18 comes from the Greek word “psephizo.”  It means, “to compute.”

From the statement of that inspired verse, we are led to draw the conclusion that IT IS POSSIBLE to compute the name of the antichrist and thus discover who he WILL BE. I say, “WILL BE” because, this prophecy has been reserved, evidently, for the believer of the last generation, and because no one has been successful in attempts at gematria in the past.

The famous “666” has been studied by students of prophecy for many years. They have tried to compute the names of various world leaders – to try to find out if they fit the description of the antichrist.

For instance, during World War II, many people thought that Hitler was the antichrist. The name HITLER can be computed, using the following number code:

A=100, B=101, C=102, D=103, E=104, F=105, G=106, H=107, I=108, J=109, K=110, L=111, M=112, N=113,
O=114, P=115, Q=116, R=117, S=118, T=119, U=120, V=121, W=122, X=123, Y=124, Z=125


Giving the letters of his name numerical values, then adding the letters together, you reach the sum of 666. Of course, Hitler was not THE ANTICHRIST, although he was an antichrist. Jesus said in Matthew 24 that there would be many.

Number in Scripture

This procedure is called “GEMATRIA” by Dr. E.W. Bullinger in his book, “Number in the Scripture.” Dr. Bullinger published his book in 1894. He had no idea that a man named Hitler would emerge upon the world scene.

Yet, he added credibility to the process. On page 282 he wrote, “Six hundred and sixty six is the ‘number of a name.’ When the name of the antichrist is known its gematria will doubtless be found to be the number 666.”

Some have said that 666 applied to Pope Paul VI. Blessed Paul VI, original name Giovanni Battista Montini (born September 26, 1897, Concesio, near Brescia, Italy – died August 6, 1978). PAUL VI – 6 letters in his name. Paul in Latin is Paulus, also 6 letters. He was the 6th Pope named Paul. Thus, 666. His ELECTION was on 6/21/63 (This involves two 6’s and 2+1+3=6). Thus, 666. At age 66, he was the 6th pope elected in the 20th century, thus, 666. His crowning took place on 6/30/63 (again, two 6’s and 3+3=6). Thus, 666.

The original apostle Paul was executed in Rome on 6/30/66 A.D. (Note 66 A.D.)

However, we cannot say with certainty that we have discovered THE ANTICHRIST. In fact, the letters that make up the Roman numerals add up to that unholy number.

I=1, V=5, X=10, L=50, C=100, D=500 (total 666).

Surely, this gematria of Roman numerals reveals to us that the 10-nation confederation of the end time world powers headed up by the antichrist will have its roots in Rome. Dr. C.I. Scofield taught this “revival of the Roman Empire” in his study helps, to the Bible published originally in 1909.

Whatever the numbering system, it is an exciting study. We can only speculate at this point, and we will not be on earth when that Man of Sin is revealed. There is no way we can pinpoint prophecy, but we can get excited about the Saviour’s soon return when we study prophecy.

The world today is being prepared for that famous unholy number – 666.

Movie - The Final Conflict

The movie entitled, “The Final Conflict” – the third ‘Omen’ film, reveals the number 666 in its advertisements.

Computers sent to Israel by the Lear Seigler Company bear the number 666.

New York Hotel

Atop a skyscraper in New York City shines the unholy 666 in huge bright red numbers. Yes, the world is being prepared for the antichrist.

In 1973, the Yom Kippur War broke out between the Arabs and the Jews. Mr. Henry Kissinger began his “shuttle diplomacy” and brought the war to an almost miraculous conclusion. CBS News called him “the greatest miracle worker in the Middle East since…oh well, in a long time.” Mr. Sadat of Egypt also called him a miracle worker. To many students of prophecy he was a good candidate for the antichrist and strangely enough, his name does add up to 666.

In order to find that gamatria we must add the number 6 (which is the number of man) to each succeeding letter of the alphabet.

A=6, B=12, C=18, D=24, E=30, F=36, G=42, H=48, I=54, J=60, K=66, L=72, M=78, N=84, O=90, P=96, Q=102, R=108, S=114, T=120, U=126, V=132, W=138, X=144, Y=150, Z=156


The name Kissinger, therefore, was computed in the following manner:

K=66, I=54, S=114, S=114, I=54, N=84, G=42, E=30, R=108 (KISSINGER =666)

Is this a viable way to compute? While researching the question, I discovered that the Sumerian peoples of Southern Iraq used “base 6” in their number system. The Sumerians lived in the days of Noah and are the earliest civilization known to archaeology. The common fractions ½, 1/3, ¼ and 1/5 were written accordingly as 30/60, 20/60, 15, 60, 12, 60, etc. (Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible, Vol. 4, pages 453, 454).

Also, the Assyrians and Babylonians used this “sexagesimal” system. That is, the base is not 10: 10X10=100; 10X100=1,000; and so on; but 60: 60X60=3,600; 60x60x60=216,000.

What about our English alphabet? Isn’t it different from Hebrew? Well, it is exciting to note that our English alphabet is basically the same as that of every other language on earth. Whether it be, A,B,C – (English); Alpha, Beta, Gamma – (Greek); or Aleph, Beth, Gimel – (Hebrew), it is still the same.


All languages found their origin in a common source before the Tower of Babel. Since Babel, the languages and alphabets have of necessity been changed. But if the antichrist has an English name, the gamatria must of necessity be from the English alphabet.

I didn’t put much stock in the study, however, until I began doing research on its feasibility. I picked out several words and added up their numerical values to see what I could find.

The ancient idolatry at Babel was a worship of the SUN and MOON. So I added up their combined numerical value.

S = 114
U = 126
N = 84

M = 78
O = 90
O = 90
N = 84

With my appetite thus whetted, I took the words LUCIFER and HELL.

L = 72                   H = 48
U = 126                E = 30
C = 18                   L = 72
I = 54                    L = 72
F = 36                     222
E = 30                   TOTAL: 666
R = 108

It is fantastic that Lucifer has 3 equal numbers and that hell has 3 equal numbers. What would happen, I thought, if I substituted HADES in places of the word HELL?

H = 48
A = 6
D = 24
E = 30
S = 114

Amazing! Hell and Hades have the same numerical value. Though they are spelled differently, they have the same meaning. Well, I thought, let’s use another name for Lucifer – DEVIL, and let’s use the Old Testament name for hell – SHEOL.

D = 24                 S = 114             TOTAL: 666
E = 30                 H = 48
V = 132               E = 30
I = 54                  O = 90
L = 72                 L = 72

The study of gematria began to become more interesting to me. People are sinners, I thought, so I decided to compute PEOPLE and SIN.

P = 96               S = 114             TOTAL: 666
E = 30               I = 54
O = 90              N = 84
P = 96
L = 72
E = 30

The DEVIL is called a DRAGON in Revelation 12:9, so I took the two words and added their numerical values:


Mark of Beast

I went to Revelation 13 and took another look at the MARK OF THE BEAST. Leaving out the word “the” since it is only descriptive, but leaving in the word “of” for it is a necessary conjunction, I computed the words MARK OF BEAST.

Such a coincidence is astounding, to say the least. Maybe, just maybe, we have hit upon a gematria that will lead us into end time teachings.

Computer The Beast

THE COMPUTER is thought by many to be the “image of the beast.” A large computer has been built near Brussels, Belgium (headquarters of the European Common Market) that will control the future one world money system. Those who built the computer call it “the beast.” It is self-programming. That means it will be able to deed itself information. It will give every person a number. Its counterpart in the U.S. is in St. Louis, Missouri. The 10 nations of Europe and the U.S. will one day convert their monies into a common currency. Curious to know if the computer had a gemetria, I added up its letters:

C = 18
O = 90
M = 78
P = 96
U = 126
T = 120
E = 30
R = 108

Fascinated by this time, I thought if we had a candidate for the antichrist and a candidate for the image of the beast associated with the numerical value of 666, then surely, we could complete the unholy trinity by finding his capitol city.

I had always preached that Rome would become the headquarters of the antichrist. C.I. Scofield and other scholars taught the same theory. In the middle of the tribulation, Rome will be burned and the antichrist will move his throne from Rome to Jerusalem.

When I learned that the ancient city of Babylon was being restored in Iraq, I began to have second thoughts. Could it be Rome? Could it be Babylon? What about Jerusalem? Putting their names to the test, I drew a dud. Rome’s gematria is 306. Babylon’s gemetria is 426. Jerusalem’s gematria is 624. I then considered Moscow, London, Paris, Rome, Brussels, Washington D.C., even Pieking and Tokyo. But none of these giant metropolitan cities fit the gematria, until…

until I came to NEW YORK!

New York City hosts the world parliament today – the United Nations. Some call the U.N. the modern tower of Babel. It is the perfect place for the rise of the antichrist. Also, New York is the base of the International Bankers and the One World Money System. I had never considered New York before, yet it is so obvious. Its gematria is 666!

N = 84                    TOTAL: 666
E = 30
W = 138

Y = 150
O = 90
R = 108
K = 66

If we are living in the end time generation; if the second coming of Christ to rapture His bride is near; and if the seven-year Tribulation looms on the horizon – then maybe we have here more than just a mental exercise in gematria. That’s for you to decide. I have one admonition – keep your eyes on the skies!
Jesus is coming soon!