The Thurston’s

    Proclaimed Michigan’s First Family of Gospel Music


    by Dave & Marni Thurston

    Dave & Marni Thurston married in July of 1987 and have been in ministry together since. Their dream of taking their family of five sons on the road to share in music and ministry came true in January 2004.

    The Thurstons have shared the stage with many Gospel Music icons, such as The Booth Bros., Signature Sound, Triumphant, The Perrys and The Hoppers. They have had top 40 radio charting success with their songs, I Am Blessed, God’s Word Will Stand, and God’s Been Faithful.

    The Thurstons have also been invited to showcase at the National Quartet Convention on numerous occasions and have eight recordings to their credit.

    Although based in Holt, Michigan, they travel to many different states, sharing the gospel in churches, auditoriums, fairs, festivals and amphitheaters.

    “We enjoy singing in concert settings and sharing the stage with many of our friends in Gospel music, but our heart is for the local church,” says Dave.

    “We’ve reached a new season in our lives. We have a lot to share,” says Marni. “In the past twenty-seven years, we have experienced hard times financially and tough marriage days. We have raised five sons in our home, while traveling with them on a bus forty-five weekends of the year–all while homeschooling and trying to hold everything else together. There were days that I didn’t think we were going to make it and just wanted to quit. These experiences are real and what our church deals with every day. If we can share from our experiences, encourage someone and testify of how God’s grace sustained us and brought us though every time, God will be glorified and the church body will be edified.”

    “We’ve experienced the Power of God in our services,” says Dave. “I have lost count, but last count I remember was over 1,600 people saved in our services. We Praise God for this. I remember one service when the altar was filled and Marni was praying and ministering to an entire family for an hour after the service was over. That’s what it’s all about.”

    The focus for The Thurstons has always been Family, Music & Ministry. That focus remains the same. However, over the past few years the boys have grown, married, have children of their own and now minister in their own respective churches.

    Although the family setting on stage has changed, the line up of The Thurstons remains a familial one.

    In September 2013 the power house vocalist, Monty Bishop, teamed with Dave & Marni to maintain a solid Thurston sound and strong ministry. Monty has been a friend for over thirty years, “so it feels like family,” Dave says.

    “After some time off the road to raise my family, it’s an honor to be back out on the road and be part of this powerful ministry,” says Monty. “Prior to joining this ministry, I would often attend a Thurston event. I was always encouraged in my own walk with the Lord as a result of attending their concert or service. Dave and Marni are the real deal and it’s a privilege to be in ministry with them.”

    Monty brings over thirty years of solo ministry and church work experience to The Thurstons stage, which contributes a great deal to their concerts and services.

    Dave & Marni are both great communicators to the audience to whom they minister. They are sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and have a desire to encourage the body of Christ and uplift the Name of Jesus through their music and testimony.

    Classy appearance, sincere hearts and the ability to deliver the Word of God in song and testimony makes this group very effective while on the platform. Their music and presentation of the word of God is inspiring and their energy is contagious.

    Here is what Bishop Tim Hill has to say about The Thurstons:

    What a wonderfully anointed and talented ministry team. Their close family harmony combined with excellent arrangements and the desire to bless the listener, keep the Thurstons in high demand as a great Gospel Singing Group. I give them my highest recommendation. You will be blessed when you hear them.”

    Tim Hill/General Director

    Church of God World Missions/Cleveland, TN

    You will walk away inspired, encouraged and challenged by the ministry of The Thurstons. Call 419-224-6010 or email [email protected] to schedule them today.

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