by Ann Voskamp

We lost the day in love. You can be glued to a screen or glued to your schedule or glued to your stuff –– and maybe that’s just a bit of lost living. You can be a slave to getting ahead, a slave to the clock, a slave to convenience, a slave to some ill-advised American dream –– and maybe that’s a lot of lost living.

Maybe even in a bit of brokenness, grace moves in you to get up and give to people you love and people you’re learning to love, to go to the park and laugh with your kids or any kids, to give an elerly woman a hand and a listening ear and the gift of presence –– that’s large living.

The greatest living always happens through the givenness.

Ann Voskamp is the wife of one fine, down-to-earth farmer; a book-reading mama to a posse of seven; and the author of the New York Times bestsellers One Thousand Gifts (sold more than one million copies and translated into more than twenty-one languages) and The Broken Way.