He encouraged them to desire unity. Then, Paul spoke these words about disunity among them. He pointed out a danger of people who build platforms where followers looked to the person with the platform instead of looking at Christ.


What I mean is this: One of you says, “I
follow Paul”; another, “I follow Apollos”;
another, “I follow Cephas”; still another, “I
follow Christ.” (1 Corinthians 1:12, NIV).Before making the above statement, Paul shared
that he thanked God for the reader and shared his
faith in them. He encouraged them to desire unity.
Then, Paul spoke these words about disunity
among them. He pointed out a danger of people
who build platforms where followers looked to
the person with the platform instead of looking at
Paul noted that Christ sent him to preach and
not to baptize. He understood his mission. In a
world where opportunities to speak and write are
connected to being known, it’s easy to prioritize
self-promotion. Focus on this acrostic of p-u-r-p-os-
e to help maintain balance in your ministry.
Place Christ before self. Make sure you always
point to Christ to help listeners focus on Him.
Your message should glorify God and center on
His power and not you.

Understand your audience’s needs. Know
who needs your message, and seek to reach
them. Understand their hearts and spiritual needs
so you can connect those listeners with God.

Relate to audience to develop rapport
and trust. Connecting to listeners builds unity.
That’s how you impact your audience so they will
believe and do what you say. This builds relationships
that naturally build a platform.

Present a gift with words. Consider your
talk a gift that meets needs. Your words and your
smile are the wrapping; your message is the present.
As you unwrap the gift, help them see how
it can change their lives and draw them closer to

Opt in to opportunities. Paul used every
opportunity to reach people who needed God. Ask
God to open doors and guide you where He wants
you to speak or publish.

Serve rather than seek to be served.
Your attitude is the heart of what you do. Stay
close to God. Keep your heart in tune with Him
and focused on the people who need you. You are
serving God; do not seek to have people serve

Equip audiences to action. Your purpose
and message flow from God’s calling and what He
wants you to do and say. If you communicate that
message well, your audience will be equipped to
change and also impact others

VIAKaren Whiting
SOURCEKaren Whiting
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