Letter from the President


    by Eric Smith, Smith Media Group

    Dear Reader,

    It’s already nearing the end of 2014. I’m sure, as it did for me, the year flew by in a flurry of activity! This year, Smith Media Group was able to assist even more ministries with their needs – from renegotiating loans to increasing itinerary bookingsto facilitating large-scale international crusades. What a joy it was to literally be on the ground in Kenya for one of our recent crusades! Over 30,000 were in attendance, more than 2,000 children received special ministry, and nearly 600 pastors were further trained and equipped for the work of the ministry! God is moving all over the earth, and we are dedicated to helping His people get there!

    I’m excited to share this edition of our magazine with you! We’ll be sharing great wisdom from a variety of authors, feature stories including Newsboys Michael Tait, Nancy Alcorn, Kyle Winkler, Dwayne Morris, Steven Long, Glenn Bleakney and Jesse Bradley.

    With two small children of my own, it breaks my heart to realize the number of hungry children right here in the States daily. This is why I’m honored to partner with such reputable organizations as Feed the Children to help end that hunger. Feed the Children’s latest initiative is their “No Hunger Holiday,” which allow churches and para-church organizations to drive to their local distribution center and pick up a pallet of food for a family of four for just $800! This food will help supplement 40 families’ meals for an entire week! Boxes consist of 25 lbs of non-perishable items each. For another $200, organizations can pick up a second pallet of essential items (shampoo, paper products, cleaning supplies and books), which are estimated to last a family an entire month! I hope that you will take a moment and consider how your church or organization can reach the hungry in your community.

    For more information on Feed the Children’s “No Hunger Holiday,” visit: www.FeedTheChildren.org or watch this brief video: http://vimeo.com/109249325

    Solutions was created to share with you inspiring stories like those mentioned above, along with articles that will inform and equip you for your life as a minister of the Gospel. I hope that you will enjoy this edition, as I know you have the many editions before it; but I also hope you will take the time to share it with your ministry friends and office staff. There’s something for everyone in here. Make sure you spread the wealth around!

    Additionally, my company, Smith Media Group, is on a mission to bless as many pastors and churches as we can with a FREE iOS App before the end of 2014. If you are interested in learning more or signing up to receive your own app, please contact my office at 419-224-6010 or by emailing info@smithmediagroup. com.


    Eric Smith, President

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    Eric Smith has been in full-time ministry for more than 25 years and traveled to over 1,000 churches. He has facilitated live TV events, established television studios and call centers, helped ministries birth satellite churches, participated in training tens of thousands of ministers for the mission field, organized the distribution of millions of pounds of food and medical supplies, and collaborated with ministries to set up orphanages and rehabilitation centers worldwide. But although these accomplishments are impressive and helpful, the staff at SMG believe Eric’s greatest talent is as an armor-bearer: he is always honored and willing to assist men and women of God with their unique callings. He’s a blessing to our clients, and he’ll be a blessing to you as well.