God Says You Can!

YOU CAN DO IT rubber stamp over a white background.

by Jon Oral Nash

God says you can build wealth – in whatever form He directs you to (savings accounts, investments, real estate, a business, etc.). He’s speaking good things over your life, and the good words He’s speaking have power to help you build.

Proverbs 10:22 (NIV) says “The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it.”

Exploring the word “blessing” reveals a key that will open up new doors for you – in whatever new thing (whether debt-related or not) you are pursuing in your life. The Hebrew word for blessing is barakah, which literally means “benediction.” From the old French language, you can divide “benediction” into two parts: “bene” (which means “well”) and “dicion” (meaning “to speak”). The Random House dictionary defines “benediction” as “an utterance of good wishes” and also “the form of blessing pronounced by a minister…”

This leads me to two main points that will help you on your journey:

Firstly, God is speaking good things about your life, and these good things have the power to create wealth for you once they become planted deep in your heart. Notice that this verse does not say “the Lord brings wealth.” However, it does say “the blessing of the Lord brings wealth.” Sometimes, you can fall into the trap of thinking that if you just pray hard enough, God will solve all your money challenges. You need God’s good words working in your life! These words of life are what propel you into the future. The economy may say “you can’t.” Companies laying people off may say “you can’t.” Negative people in your life may say “you can’t.” But God says YOU CAN!

Secondly, God has divinely sent spiritual leaders into your life that will speak good things over your life. If the spiritual leaders in your life are not speaking good things over your life, they are not God-sent. You need someone in your life who will repeatedly re-mind you that “you can!” – whether it’s creating wealth or reaching a goal, or winning a battle, or anything significant you’re believing for.

Let’s think of this another way: If you are a leader over others, the good things you speak over the lives of others can make or break the success of those following you. If you speak positive words of life, hope will spring up in their hearts. This hope has the power to bring joy. It has the power to create wealth. If you speak negative words of doubt, faith will quickly become extinguished. Because you say God can, they’ll believe. Because you say they can, they will.

When you listen to God’s good words and the good words of the leaders He’s sent into your life, you’ll be able to overcome obstacles and achieve great successes you never thought possible before. Who says you can win? God says YOU CAN! Who says you can build wealth?

God says YOU CAN!

Start believing what God says you can do.Start believing the spiritual leaders God has divinely sent to encourage you.Start encouraging others you have influence over!You are a Dream Builder!

Rev. Jon Oral Nash is the Co-founding Pastor of The Church at North Orlando. He has 14 years of investment consulting experience and an MBA in Finance. He helps pastors, leaders, and business professionals in the church protect and grow their wealth so they can create a retirement income they won’t outlive.