Gifts Given To The Body Of Christ

God loves us enough to let us know that our life on earth should be reflective of life in heaven.


by Dr. Gloria Williams

What would you consider a really good gift? The ultimate as a really good gift to me would be something bodacious enough to stand alone as one of the most timeless treasures anyone has ever given. The mindset of the believer is trained to realize that the greatest gift we received has been the gift of Eternal Life through Christ Jesus. Without question, this is the most prolific reward provided to human kind. With that in mind, knowing that our GOD, the GOD of all Gods is so great in providing us with the promise of Eternal Life; that HE also provides us with tangible and identifiable gifts while we remain here in this 3 dimensional world as we know it.

GOD loves us enough to let us know that our life on earth should be reflective of life in heaven. That HE (GOD) has provided for us in so many ways and it’s our duty as believers to honor his instructions, follow his directive and appreciate His gifts and promises.

A gift, is defined as something given voluntarily without payment in return; a gift shows favor toward someone, honor an occasion, or makes a gesture of assistance; a present. A gift is something bestowed or acquired without any particular effort by the recipient or without it being earned: It may even be considered as a special ability or capacity; natural endowment or talent: usually denoted as a gift from GOD.

In Ephesians chapter 4 Paul shares with the church at Ephesus on the powerful gifts given to men through the offices of what has been termed as the 5 Fold Ministry. The entire chapter 4 of Ephesians compels you to walk after Christ with understanding and appreciation towards the gifts that have been given to mankind. Free gifts, labeled as apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, all centered from the love of a divine and inexhaustible GOD. GOD knew from HIS all knowingness that believers would need earthly direction and continuous measures of accountability in order for the church to unify it-self to be HIS perfected Bride. Paul describes the 5 fold Minis-try gifts as the gifts that equip the saints for their work of service. Chapter 4 humbly entreats we the audience to cherish the gifts GOD provides to us on this earth, by no longer being silly minded children, going along with everything we hear; being hoodwinked and bamboozled by crafty words that sound close to the will of our GOD but are not. Remember what John 10 says, “His sheep know His voice…”

So who are these gifts, these apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, these gifting is that have been systematically placed by GOD throughout the ages, within His Body, to fulfill Heavenly Kingdom culture on earth just as Kingdom culture is in heaven. Remember when Jesus began his ministry and echoed to those that combated his authority, when you see me, you see the Father. Jesus had begun fulfilling promise as he walked worthy of his calling to live a life without spot or blemish in obedience unto death so that we received the gift of Eternal life through his blood. And so it is, that the 5 fold ministry gifts of those that walk a life called apart by GOD to assist in equipping the Bride of Christ should bear the same motif as Christ Jesus. So then, when we see them in office or in the streets, we should see the Father!

The meaning of 5 Fold ministry is so powerful to me. Personally, having served in the ministry for over 30 years now, I worked side by side with my husband who went home to be with the Lord quite suddenly in July of 2009. I watched a man live a devout life as unto GOD throughout his life as a Christian. Having known him from childhood, from the age of 11, I observed him come to know the Lord as a young man about 23 years old, it was real. He revered the Lord in all and I mean ALL that he did. There was a time in our early days of Christianity, before pa-storing, that I would only walk out the formalities of being a Christian based off of what I perceived was good enough. However, my husband, the late Bishop Isaiah S. Williams Jr., stood firm in what he knew and experienced of GOD. This man of GOD continued giving GOD his all to the extent that his walk impacted my walk with GOD. As he operated in all of the 5 fold ministry gifts, he ful-14 such a great commission of equipping people all over the world. Since his passing, there have been many to attest to the powerful seeds sown in their lives from the least to the greatest. And from Paul’s account that is exactly what the role of such a fruitful gift should do.

Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers, are ordered to understand their position and operate in the worthy capacity that is found throughout the premise of the Word of GOD. 1 Timothy 4 details and describes the role of the elder and while those that serve in lay ministry carry the call of GOD, those that serve the Body of Christ as office gifts must certainly abide by the fullness of God’s heartbeat to accomplish purpose in the earth. In short, it is without a doubt that we must, practice what we preach! Yet, while it is imperative that the office gifts of the 5 fold ministry should well understand the anointing they carry, in the same regard, it is expected that these gifts (men and women of GOD) should also be well appreciated by those they serve.

Leaders we should share and train our congregants on the understanding and revelation from Ephesians 4: 22 – 32. Teach them to, lay aside the old man, the old way of thinking, how things were done outside of this new found faith with the areas of ministry that we are now a part of. Teach them to be renewed in the spirit of their mind and to put on Godliness as I like to say, GOD-likeness, especially as it relates to teaming up with other ministries. Verse 27 of Ephesians chapter 4 is Paul’s urge for us not to give the enemy an opportunity to take from us in any form. We have been given a powerful weapon through the 5 fold Ministry gifts, which is promised in the scriptures to keep the Body of Christ perfected! What an amazing order, from an astounding GOD! Does it get better, it very well can … All HE (GOD) asks of us is that we are willing and obedient, in place, to fulfill Kingdom purpose. Oh, how I love Jesus! I pray this blesses you as the simplicity of this clear revelation has blessed me. There is so much detail through the scripture, however the most important thing to uncover is that the Kingdom life you live, will speak louder than the words you say! I admonish you to live a life that walks worthy, to remember the call of GOD and assignment he has commissioned you to as a 5 fold ministry gift. Entreat those that serve with you to recognize the gifts given to them and to observe to follow them accordingly. This is our command from heaven and as Christ’s servants and ambassadors of heaven it is our due diligence to adhere and oblige!

DR. GLORIA WILLIAMS is the Pastor and Co-Founder of Jesus People Ministries Church Inter-national Inc. (located in Miami, Florida), and is the proud mother of one daughter, Richelle.

DR. WILLIAMS and her husband Bishop Isaiah S. Williams Jr. functioned together as strong representatives of God becoming a “Light” for all. A woman that walks in faith and higher education, DR. WILLIAMS has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Florida International University. She has received an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from “All Nations for Christ Institute International” previously affiliated with Oral Roberts University. Her administrative gifts and skills are an enhancement to the operational functions of the church which affords her an added perspective in ministry. The wisdom and knowledge of God is revealed through Dr. Gloria as she ministers “Principles of Faith” in a practical and everyday way. She truly blesses the body of Christ by speaking thought provoking and life changing revelations from God’s Word.

DR. WILLIAMS is the Chief Over-seer of the Right Connection Association. She is also the Executive Producer and host of the weekly TV broadcast “Right Connection” which is seen nationally and worldwide.

DR. WILLIAMS challenges and encourages believers to develop and mature in their walk with the Lord. Deliverance are wrought as she ministers the Word in boldness, power, and grace. As she speaks believers are edified, built up, and equipped to do the work of the ministry. She has affectionately been deemed a “Christian Role Model” by women throughout the land. Her dynamic Christian character has proven to be an asset to women. She enriches their lives and provides them with a true example of a professional and virtuous woman. She promotes excellence in ministry and in the home; her faith will impact your life tremendously.